Saturday, 29 September 2012

We Are The Mods.

Hey I'm Lucy. I mainly set up this blog for selfish reasons (OBSESSED with the Mod scene), but also because there is definitely a resurgence of young Mods like myself recently. There are loads of amazing new bands, new brands and events going on, so I thought I'd document them here, as well as my own discoveries in the Mod world.

I have always loved dressing smartly, but recently decided that my hair needed a dramatic change. How dramatic I hear you ask? Well, see for yourself...

I went from this untameable and quite frankly, unsophisticated 'do

Ewwww. Just eww.

To this....

But now I have cold ears.

The main reason I got my hair done as because of my newly found love for all things Mod. I wanted something completely different and began searching for inspiration from 60s models and designers such as Twiggy and Mary Quant. The thing I love about both these women is that their hair is so simple, yet so striking and instantly recognisable as 60s. If you're a Modette, you gotta have a 60s do.

Plus it's easier to wear scooter helmets.

I finally settled on something inspired by Vidal Sassoon's Five point cut, which is modelled here on Mary Quant.

I love this cut. I manage to keep my fringe as well as being striking. I took this picture into the hairdressers and asked her to give me this. Not only did she call me brave for choosing this cut, but she also referred to me as 'one of the funny ones'. That's what you get in today's society for trying to be a little different. But I love the finished result. It shocked everyone, and have had loads of compliments about it. Unfortunately, I have also been laughed, called a bloke, and (perhaps the most hurtful) have been likened to Ann Robinson. You can't let these remarks get to you, and even if they did there's not much I could about it. I personally love it and in the immortal words of Jimmy from Quadrophenia:

"I don't wanna be like everybody else, that's why I'm a Mod."

Feel free to comment and ask questions, be back soon.

Keep The Faith

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  1. Great to see some young faces on the scene , with the right ideas hey I run a group for Mods on facebook , i think you will like it with around 3500 members , just click the link 1000's of Mod related photos etc cheers Paul THE UK MOD SCENE Admin