Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mod Icon: Bradley Wiggins

Since this is a blog for the modern day Mod, I think it's only proper we start with a modern day Mod icon. Ok so maybe Wiggins isn't an icon yet, but he will be. I just didn't wanna start this banging on about Weller or Daltrey becuase we all know they're brilliant, but this the new generation.
So Wiggo rose to fame after he won the Tour de France and Olympic gold this year, but what I'm interested in is the mans style. I mean, look at him.

Wiggins at the GQ awards.

That's just pure class. If more sports stars dressed like him, I think I'd like them a bit more (I'm talking to you footballers). I love how he's gone for the double breasted plaid suit, which is just so eye catching from your normal black tie ensemble. Looking stylish and standing out is what being a Mod is all about.

Another thing I love about Wiggins is his hair. He's chosen a classic Mod style that you don't see enough of nowadays, but speaks volumes about his personality and fashion sense, even when he's in all his cycling clobber.

Moment of appreciation for this mans hair please.

I've always thought that hair says a lot about someone, because even when you have to wear a uniform and look like everybody else, your hair is still yours. Wiggins 'do is the perfect example, it still says Mod even when he's cycling. It's also probably a lot easier to fit helmets on.
So in conclusion, I love this man. His style is fantastic, he seems pretty down to earth, and is a god damn national treasure.

Wiggins proves that it's not just a style, or a fashion. It's a way of life.

Keep The Faith

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