Sunday, 28 October 2012

Winter Mod

So it's that time of year again. It's getting dark earlier and since its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, I thought I'd do a little winter feature. Because let's face it, you can look immaculate but what use is that when you're dead from hypothermia.

So lets go with the obvious choice, Parkas. Of course these are the number one choice when it comes to a warm Mod, but don't just go for any old rag. There has been a huge influx of parkas on the high street recently and whilst I would love to say its because of the new Mod revolution, it's not. Everywhere from Primark to Topshop has been selling these, so my advice is if you are gonna buy one make it authentic. A good Parka can cost up to 200 quid, which may sound steep but you're investing in a quality garment that will last you a lifetime (can you tell I work as a sales assistant?).
The go to place for quality parkas is Fishtail Parkas. They stock the classic US army models and only use traditional materials when it comes to making, so you can't really get any more authentic. And at £187 for such a classic look you can't go wrong.

Fishtail do ladies sizes (hooray!!) but I personally prefer the Alpha Industries Parkas, available at Atom Retro. They come in 2 colours, navy and yellow and are more of a modern take on the parka, which after is what Mods are all about. I prefer these because they appear slimmer and more fitted for us ladies, keeping us warmer as well. I'd say that £195 is a reasonable price, and you will definitely stand out from the crowd of Primark knock-offs in this little number.

Pea coats are also fantastic, both for men and women. Teamed with a mini skirt, this one from New Look screams Twiggy.

Now for blokes it's easy you just throw a jumper on and bam, you're warm and stylish. Girls it's a bit harder. I find that polo necks with a mini skirt is simple yet effective. As for jumpers, any retro knit will do really, and you can't go wrong with a V neck cardi. I especially like these Supertone ones available at Atom Retro.

Onto shoes. I bought some amazing loafers recently, which look fantastic but are about as much use as a chocolate ashtray when it comes to keeping warm. I would recommend that every person has a a decent pair of Chelsea boots in their wardrobe. These are a classic look, they go with absolutely everything and if you get a proper pair they'll last for ages. Which is great news for me, seeing as I practically live in them. You can get a nice pair on the high street, and whilst I don't usually recommend Topshop (if I'm going to spend that much dosh on clothes, I want to stand out from the crowd) I did get my boots there for £60.
But when you want something a bit different, desert boots are the place to go. have a huge variety for both guys and girls at really good prices too. You'll look fantastic and keep your toes toasty.

And finally, scarves. Supernova Scarves do a great wool mix scarves, which will keep you that little bit warmer and still look fantastic. It comes in burgundy with a simple paisley print.

So there you have it, the winter Mod. If you have any other tips for keeping warm and looking stylish let me know, I may do another feature soon.

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  1. Love a good parka! You've given me some great ideas of what to look for. Thanks.

  2. Lovin' the desert boots site, really god prices, im on that!!

  3. Love the yellow parka :)