Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Style

As a girl of the 21st generation of Mods, my style hasn't always been approved of. I have been laughed at in the street, but that's usually by some greasy looking guy in a track suit or an orange girl with hair extensions, so it doesn't get to me that much. It's also probably because apart from my hair and make up (love the whole smokey eye look Mod girls had going) I would say my style is a lot more influenced by the Male Mod fashion.

Now hear me out. It doesn't mean I go for the flat out bloke look, I still try to keep it feminine. I just think that a lot of the boys stuff looks smarter. My favourite thing to wear on a normal day is a button down shirt. I will usually be found in men's section of the local charity shops searching for these things. There's just something about them that looks instantly smart, even on a 17 year old girl.

Ok crap shots I know, but you try taking a pic of your collar without wrinkling it.

My other favourite thing is a Harrington. I personally think that whilst Parkas scream MOD, Harringtons are a bit more subtle. Like a suave gentleman in a dimly lit bar whispering Mod into your ear. They are also comfortable as heck, and keep you warm. You can get a nice Harrington for about 30 quid, but I was lucky enough to win mine from the famous Merc Clothing brand, whose Harrington's cost around £85. There's a limited range of colours for us women, but if you're a bloke then the world is your oyster!!

I rarely wear tousers, and never wear jeans because they don't invole a lot of thought. Anyone can throw on a pair and go out but the Mod way of life is not to be anyone, but to be someone. And as we all know,

"If you cant be someone, you might as well jump in the ocean and drown." - Jimmy, Quadrophenia.

Even on days where I'm just popping out to the shops, I'll still find a skirt. Mini skirts are essential and I prefer to keep mine to black and grey, so that my shirt/Jacket/shoes really stand out.

I love the belt in this pic too. I tell everyone it an official Lambretta belt, but it was a quid from Primark.

Lets talk about shoes. My favourite pair of shoes that I wear everyday without fail are my Chelsea Boots. A tough, hard wearing, and just damn good looking pair of shoes. They're also fantastic for guys, but I personally prefer desert boots for male Mods. I also love Doc Martins, if you're looking to mix a bit of the skin head look in (I find that the lines between Mod and Skinhead have blurred just slightly nowadays).

So a lovely button down tucked into a skirt, finished off with Chelsea boots and a Harrington, looks pretty damn smart in my books.

Are there any other Modern Modettes out there? How do you dress? What style influences yours the most?

Keep The Faith


  1. I bought a Merc red harrington from ebay the other day for £15 hell yea =D
    Im also lovin them boots, i have a boot addiction at the moment!!

    1. Ahh bargin!! I was thinking of getting a red one as well, they're just so nice.